Getting the Ball Rolling!


As of today, we are 20 days into our 120 day project.  Only $246 pledged so far, but not to worry!  The average backer views a project AT LEAST twice before deciding to back a project.  The larger the project, the more times a potential backer will visit the project page before backing.

For those of you who have already pledged, THANK YOU! and remember you can continue to bump your total throughout the project.  For those of you still thinking about backing, we look forward to having you with us and THANK YOU for looking!

We knew that the first 45 – 60 days would be spent getting the word out, building a community of like minded individuals who are deeply interested, even committed to seeing the project become a success.  The majority of those people in the initial phase must come from the local community for projects like ours!  If the local community doesn’t want to see it happen, why would anyone else?

Many of you here in our local community have expressed considerable interest in this project and in the dream of seeing truffles harvested here in Arizona.  So, if you are a part of the local community we are asking for your support.

Maybe you are a foodie who wants to see Arizona put on the culinary map?  Maybe you are in agriculture and recognize the value of having such a unique crop cultivated here alongside places like Australia, New Zealand, Spain and France?  Maybe you like the idea of organic farming in general?  Maybe you are already familiar with the work we do with go lb. salt and are equally excited to see this project take off as well?  Maybe you just want to help make history and be a part of the biggest crowdfunding project to date?

Maybe you’ve talked with us and our excitement was infectious!  We ask that you please share our enthusiasm and yours for this project with as many people as possible.  We’ve shared it with writers and reporters across the country and we have had a number of interviews already with more in the next two to three weeks!  From those interviews more articles are forth coming.  We will soon be posting all of the media references currently available.

Our primary conduit for sharing this project is via social media.  We’ve selected a grass roots Twitter campaign.  There is not a faster way to share news than Twitter.  If you have a Twitter account, you can follow us @dutchmanstruffl or you can even share the project with your friends from the project page.  We’ve also taken a light-hearted, even humorous approach to the entire project as well.

We’ve initiated a unique social media campaign we call “Help Fungus Go Viral” – we thought it was catchy…we hope you do to.  You can follow the campaign on Twitter by searching #helpfungusgoviral.  We have more than 120 truffle-centric hash tags with humorous or thought provoking hashtags attached to them that each include the above #helpfungusgoviral.  If you come up with any of your own and want to make use of the #helpfungusgoviral – please do, it’s all in fun and our way of getting the word out!

Once we get inside the 60 day mark we expect more backers will start rolling in.  So for now, we continue to spread the word and excitement about truffle farming here in Arizona.  Who knows, maybe there’s a truffle hunt in your future!

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