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It seems to be human nature that we want crave that which is hard to come by.  Simply put, we want what we can’t have…or the old colloquialism, “the grass is always greener.”  Truffles fall into that category.  And there is no green grass where truffles grow.  It’s called a brule.  As for the truffles themselves, they are alluring, even irresistible.  We dig for them in the dirt as though they were precious gems.  It was for that very reason that French gastronome Brillat-Savarin nicknamed them “black diamonds”.

How many of you have seen, let alone been able to purchase, fresh truffles here in the Southwest US?  We dare say few if any, and we intend to change that.  It won’t happen overnight, but someday in the not too distant future (hopefully in 6-8 years) we’ll be able to enjoy truffles that are as fresh as those found in the farmer’s markets and back alleys of France.

Considered an aphrodisiac by some, Mr. Good Eat’s himself, Alton Brown claimed that truffles are better than 97% of the sex you will have during your lifetime.  These are not to be confused with chocolate truffles, decadent for a certainty, but not at all heady when compared to the “mushroom” truffles.  Fresh shaved truffles over pasta or grated into gruyere’ mashed potatoes might actually make you swoon!

Truffles are considered rare, and a delicacy.  They are also viewed as a difficult commercial crop to grow and maintain . . . in most parts of the world.

However, we have a confluence of unique circumstances here in Arizona.  Climate and soils conditions are both virtually ideal for growing French Perigord truffles.  We also believe that these same conditions will support the growth of Italian white summer truffles, the rarest of all truffles.  In fact, white truffles are so rare and so perishable, most of us have never seen a white truffle here in the US.

This venture is so unique we wanted to share it with you, the small group of chefs, foodies, vineyard owners, entrepreneurs and other select interested parties that make the Arizona food scene what it is!  If there are some we’ve missed, please share this with them.  We don’t want to leave anyone out, because we want you to get the first look at our project before it gains national attention as the singular truffiere in the Arizona desert!

Our website went live a few days ago, and you’ll see our project go live on Indiegogo.com on April 6 as we collect the remaining funds necessary to catapult this project into agricultural history.  Best of all,  you’ll be in on it from the beginning!

Thanks for friending and sharing us!  We appreciate your support!

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April 13, 2012 - 8:22 am

George W. Makris - I sincerely hope that this project will move forward with great success.

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